Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Survey!

Yay! It's the weekend! I'm really looking forward to this weekend as we have a lot going on. My mother is mailing out the shower invites today which means I'll begin registry stalking lol! Tomorrow is Sweetest Day, which I believe is only a Midwest holiday. It's the same as Valentine's Day just in October. When hubby and I first got together we would go all out for these holidays as many new couples do. Well  tomorrow we are going to cook dinner together and snuggle up to a movie! Sounds so like married people but I'd rather do that instead of waiting over an hour for reservations or packed movie theaters especially with me being 7 months pregnant I move much slower and I think I even waddle!

How far along?: 29 weeks! I keep thinking man I'm getting close!!!!!!!!

How big is baby?: Big as a small Cabbage! 2.9 lbs, 17 in (now they begin measuring crown to toes)

Stretch marks?: Same ol ones. My tummy itches more and I try not to scratch it because I hear it can make them worse.

Maternity clothes?: Yes and No. I did just order me a pair of jean slacks yesterday that I plan to wear to the baby shower

Sleep?: Much better I'm now getting 8-9 hours straight. I hardly take naps any more!
Best moment this week?: Passing my 3hr test! Praise God!

Food cravings?: Nothing really.

Gender?: Mommy's little man!

Movement?: Yes he does. I think it's so cute he'll give me one strong kick/punch and stop as in "there mommy I moved now leave me alone" haha!

Belly button?: In

What I miss?: Everything but it's soo worth it!

Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: Assembling the dresser on Monday...well watching hubby do it ha!

Milestone?: Getting to the third tri!

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