Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shower RSVP's

It's bringing back nightmares of the wedding! I thought I'd have a clean break from rsvp's since I'm not handling them but with my mother and I being so close she literally calls me every time someone rsvp. She's very excited about the shower (which I'm so grateful for) but she's never been to a baby shower besides her own and that was 24 years ago! Therefore she's a little out of the loop with things. Well the deadline to rsvp is Oct 27th but she's calling me asking why not a lot of people have confirmed. I told her some people like to wait until the last minute, some may not call at all etc. I said it was nothing we could really do until after the 27th to get a final headcount. She keeps asking me how to record the number coming, to decipher messages that aren't clear (which really are) and I honestly think she's thinking to much into things and making it more complicated. I just can't wait until all the guests are accounted for and this part of the shower is over. I just want to get to the cake and gifts!!!

How did your baby shower go? Where you involved with the planning (intentionally or not)?

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  1. I purposely stayed out of the planning for my baby shower. I happily did the invitations and that's it! :-)