Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Returns 101

I completely understand that we all need to do this at times. The reasoning can vary from improper fit, no use for it, financial reasons etc. However somethings just shouldn't be returned! Remember last week when I was in awe after finding the Pack and Play that matched the baby's stroller? How I thought I was getting a great deal because it was on clearance? Well the hubby and I went to set it up on Sunday to only see that it had been used! I mean hairs on the newborn napper, some pieces just stuffed back in the box but the WORST offense was when I was examining the napper their was this white substance on it.....THROW UP!!!

Now although my baby isn't here yet I've seen my share of throw up, I have god babies who were just born last year, along with my nephew two years back. It was definitely throw up! I was heated! Yeah I know anything is possible when an item is clearance, that it could have been possibly been returned. However I didn't think this item was returned because the box was still sealed and that collection was being phased out in Target stores and is only available online. Therefore I thought it was just one of those ones that hadn't been purchased and marked down to get it out of the store.

To top it off I took it to guest services to have the clearance price checked and to purchase it. The lady nice as she was gave me this whole spiel about how it was just on clearance because it had been in the store for a while, how they are very careful with returning and repackaging baby items because the quality could be compromised and that it DEFINITELY wasn't returned. Well obviously someone dropped the ball big time because for me that wasn't the case at all! So I had hubby pack that load of crap back up and  first thing Monday we went to return it. I told the lady how it had been used, about the other lady telling me they don't repackage etc but she seemed to care less. I explained that this item needed to be damaged out immediately to avoid someone else having the same issue. I should have asked for the manager to complain even more but I was just soo over it. I could feel my bp rising.

So here's my rant and advice! People stop being so damn (this is me upset lol) trifling with returning used things. Now if there was something wrong with that PnP the customer should have informed them of it so it could have been damaged out or if Target was informed that it was throw up on it (which I honestly doubt) and they still put it back on the floor then they should be slapped! That concludes my lesson in Returns 101.

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