Thursday, October 14, 2010


That's right! Sorry I've been MIA but I come back with great news. Wednesday I had my regular 2 week O.B. appointment and was given the results that I passed the 3hr test. It was like a relief off my shoulders. More importantly that the baby and I won't have to go through insulin shots or all the other things that GD requires. I will say that it's made me even more aware of what I eat. I had been doing a good job with changing my eating habits since getting pregnant (except those few cravings) but after that scare I'm trying to do even better. I did end up losing a pound which was probably from stressing so much but all is well. Now I can go back and focus on the baby and making it to December! On another note today hubby and I are going out to pick up the baby's dresser! I'm just happy to get out the house and I love any quality time we can get.

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