Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Productive Morning!

I got a lot accomplished this morning to prepare for Gumdrop's arrival. First hubs set up the travel set which I was too excited about. We finally got it from my MIL after she ordered it for us. Apparently she isn't too Internet savvy (which she never told us) so when she ordered the stroller online (only available online) she didn't track the item, it ended up being delivered to the wrong address, the house it was delivered to returned it to a Target store (so kind of them) and it was shipped back to the warehouse! I knew something was wrong when nearly two weeks had past and the stroller still hadn't arrived. Well she had to place a call to Target for them to send it back out and FINALLY three weeks later it arrived and we got to set it up! It wasn't hard at all and overall I'm pleased with the quality as it will only be used for malls, light walking etc.

Then I finally called to set up the hospital tours (we are touring two different ones). My husband works for one of the hospital's we'll be touring and it's closer to the house but the second one is more convenient family wise so it'll just depend. I'm kind of leaning towards the one closer to the house as I don't want to have to travel any further than I have to. My hubs on the other hand doesn't want his co-workers snooping around and "looking at my baby" (his words lol) and I swear he's just being a little too over protective and paranoid!
Anyways the decision will be made after we look at both of the L &D units.

I also scheduled a one day breastfeeding and baby care basics class. It's 6 hrs long with a hour break. Man I'm going to be tired! I haven't been in a classroom that long in ages! It will be very beneficial though and I plan on bringing a notebook. We also got a discount on the classes since hubs works for the hospital, so we ended up paying $30 for both classes instead of the $40 it costs regularly, which isn't much but it'll pay for lunch that day! So that's my day so far. I will say to future mama's to not to wait until the last minute to schedule these tours/classes. Most of them were booked up and I had to get what was left. I couldn't take any of the 4 week classes because they would be hitting close to my due date! So while you think you have "plenty of time" you really may not! Call your hospital to be on the safe side!

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